10 Things to Remember for Your Practice

Apr 02, 2020 at 10:48 am by pj

The Integrated Independent Physicians Network has released a list of ten things for physicians to keep in mind to help their practices weather the current crisis.


Protecting Your Practice During the Coronavirus Pandemic 10 Things to Remember


A Discussion with the Integrated Independent Physicians Association (IPA), regarding protecting your practice: 


  1. PPE supplies - order from multiple suppliers, not just your normal vendor. 
  2. Utilize Telehealth to communicate with regular patients to
  • Maintain management of chronic patients, prescription refills, etc.
  • Maintain consistent office practice revenue, as most payers are allowing same level E&M codes billing for telehealth visitsand waiving copays  
  1. Set up drive through in your parking lot for low level patient visits, prescription refills, etc.
  2. Hospitals are asking for volunteers, be aware of your specialty malpractice coverage and boundaries.
  • Many physicians have asked advice on personal protection assurances from the hospitals,that are requesting additional services and help. 
  1. Email or text to your entire patient base announcing thewaiving of copays and assuring them, that your practice is open and accepting patients  
  2. Ask patients to call your office BEFORE they go to ER or hospital. This will save them time and money and avoid additional exposure for them. 
  3. IPN has sent out Telehealth Guidelines for most payers, as well as an interpretation of the Surgeon General’s order on using Telehealth services
  4. IPN has requested the payers eliminate copaysfor patients seeing our Independent PCPs and Specialists, in our Value Based programs. This will incentive patients to call their PCP vs. just going to the ER or hospital.  
  5. Maintain contact with your Hospitalist Representative for your patient admissions 


Courtesy of Integrated Independent Physicians Network

Please call the IPN office, if you have questions; 407-475-9213